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    The Symax Fintech Academy

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    One-Day Workshop

    Preparation Workshop for a Funded Account Trading Challenge

    Prepare for a funded account trading challenge. For those just starting or considering attempting a trading challenge to gain a funded account, this is an essential workshop to prepare you for your challenge.


    This one-day workshop will prepare you for your trading challenge by delivering how the challenge will work, and the tools required to pass the challenge.

    The day consists of a blend of theory and practice using real-time data.

    Discover the best way to approach the challenge and the skills you will need.

    What will you learn in this live class?

    This course is designed to prepare you for your trading challenge to gain a funded account. We provide an insight into trading that will explain and demonstrate the skills you will need to achieve your goal of becoming a funded trader.

    If you have an interest in trading and looking to gain a funded account, then this is the right workshop for you. We will demystify trading, demonstrate the trading skills required, and explain the rules for your trading challenge. We will explain the terminology used by traders and in the financial markets (Beginners workshop only).


    This workshop will provide you the best chance of qualifying for a fund trading account.

    The online course is delivered live online via Zoom

    LevelBeginner to Intermediate
    SkillsBasic macroeconomics how they impact markets, commodity fundamentals, plus trading skills. How to manage risk and analyse markets.
    Time11 am to 4 pm UK
    Course requirementComputer with a camera, microphone, and internet access - Zoom