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Learn time-tested strategies used by professional traders to help you trade or invest with confidence.

Our courses and masterclasses deliver the fundamental knowledge and trading skills required to navigate any market conditions.

Which Way Forward Is Right For You?

Self-paced learning

We offer a selection of e-learning video-based courses to get you started. Ideal for those short of time or on a budget.

New to Trading?

Trading or investing, we demystify and simplify it by providing techniques used by prefessionals for decades.

Trader or Investor

Ready to accelerate your trading by adding new strategies or techniques to your existing skills.

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We are happy to discuss with you the various courses to ensure you enrol for the one that meets your reaquirements

Our most popular courses

Trading for Beginners

Trading Financial and Commodity Markets

Diploma Masterclass in Financial and Commodity Trading

Your Road Map to a Trading Career

Whatever level you are at, we will guide and help you develop as a trader.
New to Trading ?

Trading for Beginners
1-day workshop

Considering Trading as a career?

1-week course
Financial & Commodity Trading

Decided Trading will be your career

Accredited Masterclass Or Flexi-Masterclass

Your Capital Or Funded Account?

Risk your capital or attempt to qualify for a funded trading account?.

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Insight from our expert

"Symax Fintech Academy provides students with a variety of trading techniques to confidently trade or invest in any asset class. Our courses are specially designed to release your `inner trader` and accelerate your trading journey"

Chris Tubby
Senior Director Trading and Education

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Our mission at the Academy is to help guide and train as many aspiring traders as possible to help them become the best trader they possibly can be. We travel their journey with them to support them all the way and include our free weekly YouTube that helps them prepare for the week ahead, as well as a daily newsletter that includes global news, views and amazing chart levels.

Many simply open an account with a broker and begin trading. Sadly, they soon realise there is more to trading than they expected. Trading requires training and plenty of practise (on a demo account) to develop into a trader. Consistency is key to becoming a successful trader.

Every trading journing is unique, and this is why we discuss the various courses available to ensure everyone takes the course best to suited to their objectives.

We deliver the training to help you achieve financial independence and enjoy the work/life balance everyone dreams of.

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A family of investment professionals, from diverse backgrounds, united under a common principle: investing in ideas that create the best outcome for our partners, their families, and their societies to move humanity forward.

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